Movie Review

This is a 2016 movie from the Up Television.

This story is about a young woman, Noel, who has wanted a Christmas puppy her whole life. Growing up she is given every pet that most young children get, fish, birds, but never a puppy.

Noel and Buster

Now she is looking back over her life and realizes that she has gotten off track, so this Christmas she is getting the puppy she has always wanted.


Todd meeting Buster

She decides on a Cockapoo because her boyfriend, Todd, is allergic. As you can see Todd is not thrilled with this, and decides its time to dump Noel.


Liam the co-worker

Liam is Noel’s co-worker. She has never thought much of him before. Now that she has been dumped by Todd, is homeless and in danger of losing her job, and has no where to go for Christmas, Liam invites her to his home for Christmas.

I’m not going to tell you how this movie ends, but I think you can see where it is going with Noel, smarmy Todd, and thoughtful Liam.


One of the fun things that Liam is wanting Noel to experience is a ride with his sled dogs.

When they start out Liam has a team of four dogs. Then it jumps to eight dogs, then six, back to eight all in the same scene.





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