Memorial Day is Coming…

Turn your Memorial Day get-together into a fundraiser for the SPCA of Stanislaus!

Inform your guests!
Let your guests know that this Memorial Day they are invited to give a monetary donation to the SPCA of Stanislaus as part of the festivities.


The day of the party set up an attractive container with a handmade sign directing guest to place donations inside and indicate the SPCA of Stanislaus will benefit from their generosity. You may even want to print off some pictures of the pets at the SPCA of Stanislaus and add them to the design of your table.

This is a great activity for a youngster. Let a creative child create the sign for the table. Don’t forget to take a picture of their creation!


Provide appetizers and serve tasty beverages that are pet themed. Decorate the table with the food served in new doggy dishes!


Enjoy your event and take lots of pictures with your guests. Post the pictures on your social media and inspire others to host a party with a purpose!

The donations you collect will help us buy food, toys, kitty litter, and many other items we really need.


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