How to Choose a Cat Part 2


Part 2: Looking for a Cat

spca_buildingVisit the SPCA of Stanislaus. Animal shelters, humane societies, and foster networks have a great selection of cats who need loving homes. In the United States, 6-8 million pets are in shelters every year, but only about half are adopted. Visit your local humane society or animal shelter, or look online to see if there are cats in need of a home in your area.

  • Pets adopted from shelters often cost less than purchasing a cat from a breeder or pet store. Cats from pet stores and breeders can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars, but it’s rare for a shelter or foster network to charge more than $100 or $200 to re-home a cat. Adopting a cat from the SPCA of Stanislaus is only $60.00
  • You don’t have to buy from a breeder to adopt a purebred cat. There are many rescue organizations that rescue abandoned or mistreated purebreds. In fact, up to 25% of pets in animal shelters are purebreds.
  • Talk with the employees or volunteers at the shelter. They often can tell you the history of the cat, as well as any medical or behavioral issues the cat has.




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